Latest Autism Research News

In 2014, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health conducted a study showing that paternal obesity is a risk factor for autism in children. Now, a new study by Dr Heejoo Jo, of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows that children of obese mothers have a much higher risk of developing autism than children of normal mothers. The researchers obtained data from 1311 pairs of mothers and children. Obese mothers before pregnancy, who had a BMI higher than 35, were three and four times more likely to give birth to children that would be diagnosed with autism and ADHD respectively. While the mechanism that links obesity to later development of autism is not known, researchers speculate that it could be the inflammation in the mother's body that negatively affects the development of the brain of the fetus, resulting in the condition of autism. More than 1 in 3 adults are obese or overweight in the US. Adult obesity in the US exceeds 35% in some states. Mothers of normal weight are not only better psychologically and emotionally, they give birth to healthier children. This is why it is very important that women receive comprehensive care and lose excess weight before getting pregnant. Weight Watchers (learn more), Nutrisystem (learn more), Jenny Craig, Medifast and Slim Fast are the most commonly recommended weight loss programs for women.